We have many passions….

Most people who meet me know what I’m passionate about. Ask anyone who knows me well and they would definitely list my top 3 as rum, whiskey and American History. They would generally be correct.

I’m also very passionate about charity. When a friend told me about a local charity that serves the children of military personnel, I immediately wanted to be involved. I thought this would be a great place to solicit advocates for this great cause. Prichard’s Distillery was extremely happy to be able to sponsor A Soldier’s Child Birthday Foundation.

A Soldier’s Child has only one goal, to serve the children of military personnel. If you are able to, and feel inclined to, you can sponsor a child or a family with up to six children. You can make a donation or provide gifts for the children. The gifts will be distributed to children with parents currently deployed overseas.

Not everyone is able to send a donation or gifts to charity this season. You can still be charitable. You can donate time to your neighbors, a charitable organization or anybody in need this holiday season.

Thanks for listening.


Prichard’s Distillery


About Prichard's Distillery

I'm a master distiller from Kelso, TN. Distilling has been the Prichard's family occupation for 5 generations. We still use copper pot stills to hand craft our rum in small batches. We also produce Tennessee Whiskey.
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