Starting the new year at Prichard’s Distillery

I love this time of year. I’m very fortunate that our production schedules for our rums and Tennessee whiskeys are favorable for the holidays. Many distributors stock up prior to the holidays and then began replacing their inventory after the holidays have passed. This creates a small gap for us to relax and spend the holidays with our loved ones before it’s back to bottling and shipping.

We did work on our website some and added some rum cocktail recipes and whiskey cocktail recipes to our recipe pages. We also add the submit a recipe functionality. We began working on a .pdf brochure for our products and recipes. We also began distribution of a few new products including our rye whiskey and double chocolate bourbon. We are working to get those products on the website too.

We also started an advertising campaign on Facebook. We featured our Prichard’s Muddled Mojito, Ruby Prichard’s Ol’ Fashioned Eggnog and Key Lime Pie Cocktail recipes. All are made with or without one of our rum products. We will be starting a campaign featuring our whiskeys soon.

Even though we have been staying busy with those tasks, I still have taken the time to reflect on 2011. We have been very fortunate this year as our family has remained healthy and the products we introduced have been well received. It truly has been a good year. I hope your 2011 was great and 2012 tops it.

Thanks for listening,



About Prichard's Distillery

I'm a master distiller from Kelso, TN. Distilling has been the Prichard's family occupation for 5 generations. We still use copper pot stills to hand craft our rum in small batches. We also produce Tennessee Whiskey.
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